About Silker

The Mad Men Era


The Silker family media legacy began in the Mad Men era…when advertising and photography exploded.

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The Very Beginning

Silker Studio opened in 1957 in Little Falls, Minnesota and became one of the most successful studios in the Midwest.


The Golden Days

In 1970 Glen Silker Commercial Photography opens in Minneapolis and grows to one of the largest advertising photography studios in the nation.

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Boy Meets Girl

Amidst the rampant creativity, commercial artist James Schletty hired Glen Silker to photograph the Kayot Motor Home account and a lifelong friendship began.

Fast forward 20 years – James’ daughter Barbara needs a job and a poster (below) arrives for the annual GS Photo studio party (1500 people…live tigers…dancing girls…insanity). Barbara’s mother exclaims “You need to work at Silkers! They’re crazy just like you!

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Greg Silker (son of Glen) “approves of” the new hire…makes newly employed Barbara his “go to” assistant and the rest is history (and herstory).

New Creativity

Creativity abounded, resulting in four new kids.


Greg left the family business to pursue ministry and various other artistic projects, but began photographing marine products “on the side” a few years later. That new marine photography business grew to serve the best clients in the outdoors industry.

The Legacy Continues

Now that the Silker “kids” have come of age, the Silker legacy continues, including, photography, filmmaking and strategic creative.


The Silker Team

Greg has been photographing and directing outdoor and marine shoots for 20 years. He loves biking, U2 and wife Barbara and amuses himself by repeating obscure movie lines.

Josh shoots photo and film and creates our original music and foley.  Josh loves to bike and run (marathon), read manly books and write music (all genres but country).

Ben shoots photo and film and handles our crazier camera stunts.  He loves legos… is newly married to his high school sweetheart and is being introduced to the world of Jane Austen.

Matt films, edits and does our visual effects work.  In the non-digital world, he loves archery and bow building.  His favorite quotes include:  “I’m vulnerable and should be updated.”